Psychoanalysis – A set of theories and therapeutic techniques related to the study of the unconscious mind. One such therapeutic technique is Carl Jung’s Association Method, to which Critical Stimulus is based.

Respondent – The person who responds to the words read to them. Used interchangeably with terms like participant, subject and even player, depending on the context.

Constellation – A group of words, provided by the respondent, that are related in some way. There are different kinds of constellations, not all of them related to the complex. Constellations influenced by momentary surroundings should be guarded against, as it indicates either avoidance or a weak mind.

Complex – An unresolved problem that resides below the threshold of consciousness. Complexes can have an invisible but powerful influence on every aspect of our lives.

Critical Stimulus – The crux of the problem; the central issue. Critical Stimulus words will trigger involuntary reactions of the greatest intensity.