Please Find Attached

Mother, sick child

Just as I sat down with a neighbour couple to demonstrate Critical Stimulus, the wife disclosed she was schizophrenic. She was clearly nervous at what the analysis might yield. I replied it likely wouldn’t have an effect on the results, but I didn’t know for sure.

Paraphrasing Carl Jung, I told her that whatever surfaces from the analysis represents an unresolved problem that has been invisibly controlling her life. Once she is aware of the complex, she can address it.

Yet despite my confidence in the benefits of psychoanalysis, I became nervous myself. I didn’t want to embarrass her, them. I didn’t want to expose their secrets. I just wanted to show off Critical Stimulus!

Thankfully, the results were not at all damning, but endearing. The critical stimulus was the strong attachment to an only child: STORK + CHILD + DEAR + FAMILY who was stricken with an extremely rare disease.

The woman’s motherly instinct was on overdrive and she was doing her best to care for her: TO TAKE CARE + TO PART + CONTENTED.

Nothing crazy about that.

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