Lay Low and Sing Small

Older Gentleman - psychoanalysis

Troy is a 60 year old gentleman who loves the Winnipeg Jets, trout fishing, and jokes so corny you’d think they were hand shucked. We’ve been friends for a half dozen years and knew him well.

Or at least I thought I knew him. From the analysis and his commentary on the cards (shown above), I learned the following:

Troy never recovered from childhood physical and psychological injuries inflicted by his father. That explains TO QUARREL + TO FEAR.

As for the DEPORTMENT + PITY + LUCK constellation, Troy told me of the time he was 11 years old and had his neck almost broken by a neighbour’s clothesline. Rather than incur wrath from his father, Troy kept silent. He hid his injury and stifled pain and mobility issues for months afterwards.

The effects of this mishap still haunt him. He has never been unable to attain an erection. This is why he has never had an intimate relationship with a woman.

The TO SING card puzzled me, so I asked him about it. He says it’s probably because he is self-conscious of his voice. Instead of singing hymns along with the church congregation, he prefers to keep silent.

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