Good Cop, Bad Fall

God cop, bad marriage
The glitch in the photo is not intentional, but it seems appropriate.

Despite being recently remarried, this cop was haunted by an accident involving his ex-wife that left her permanently injured and close to death. That would explain ( TO FALL + TO PITY ). After they separated, she moved overseas to be with family and he remarried ( TO PART + TO MARRY + FRIENDLY ).

I didn’t know any of this beforehand, but as I began to analyse his disturbance words he preemptively explained to me the relevance of each card. He wished to contact her, but was unable to express his feelings.

Carl Jung described this variant of restrained emotions as a form of exile. My hope is that by sharing his story with me, he will find the words and bridge the chasm between him and his ex-wife.

“Guess I better send that letter,” he said with a sheepish grin.

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