“So powerful for me… the resolution was so elegant. You know what? This has been FABULOUS!”

~ Nancy R. Goldring, Co-host of the Frank Love Radio Show

Critical Stimulus is a method of psychoanalysis based on the word association experiments by pioneering psychiatrist Carl Jung. It uncovers unconscious fears, hidden agendas, repressions and more. If an emotional-psychological disturbance is exerting invisible control over your life, Critical Stimulus will identify it.

The psychoanalytical narratives published on this blog are real and verified accurate by the people who were tested.

Note: Although this deals with the psyche and unconscious processes not fully understood, it is in no way “mystical” or magical. Critical Stimulus is a psychoanalytical method founded on decades of rigorous scientific studies.


Jason Comely is the creator of Rejection Therapy, a game hailed as a “self-help hit” and featured in Lifehacker, The Globe and Mail and NPR’s Invisibilia.

Jason is also the mind behind Sesshin meditation posters and the world’s first search engine for sales tax. You can reach him by email.